Sunday, March 21, 2010

How Did It Get This Bad?

Why am I sitting at the computer when I am exhausted and should be in bed? My 76-year-old dad is spending his sixth night in the hospital following a valve replacement and quadruple bypass. My 66-year-old mom is getting ready to go to bed in my youngest son's room since she can't be left alone. My youngest son (just turned 8) is downstairs playing Wii with his dad, but in a half hour, he'll be taking his bath and then going to bed in his big brother's room. My oldest son (17) is in Santa Fe with his dad and stepmom. Today I took my mom home to my house where my husband and youngest son could keep an eye on her while I went grocery shopping in anticipation of my dad getting out of the hospital. It took a long time to look at the fat and sodium content on every label. I then took it to their empty house and opened their fridge. No room for anything! I started moving things around and grabbed a bag of tortillas. They were so hard that they would have shattered had I thrown them against the wall. Hmmm....better look further. Yep, there's a margarine container in the back on which my mom had carefully written "Sauteed Mushrooms September 2009." It's now March 2010. I open it. The smell of the rotten, now-liquified mushrooms makes me gag. Two garbage bags later, I'm done cleaning out the fridge. Some dairy items expired 3 years ago. How did it get this bad? I just cried.

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