Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Little Moment of Grace

I wrote about breaking down in tears in the first post while I was cleaning out my parents' refrigerator, but I didn't tell you the whole story. During that moment of despair, I felt utterly overwhelmed by the future before me. It looked as though the remainder of my "youthful" years would be spent in taking care of other people, and well, that's probably true. I imagined that when I'm finally released from my care taking duties, I'll be so worn out that I'll have a stroke or heart attack and die young or at least be debilitated. The thought was so heart-breaking that I just had to have a good cry. I began to pray during this little break down, and that's when God clearly said to me, "But my daughter, it's in this place of brokenness that you'll see me. Your life of abundance is just beginning. Just wait and see what I will do." No, I didn't hear an audible voice (I never do), but I know God is speaking to me when the thought I get is one that I'm not capable of having independently. I'm too selfish and shortsighted for that thought to have come from my own mind. And the peace of God that passes all understanding took over from there.

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